Back 2 School !!!

Wow! Doesn’t it feel as though the kiddos just got out for the summer and now it’s time to get back in the swing of things. So, if you want to have an awesome fantastic school year, then here is your guide.

  1. Get organized….. Go through their clothes and see what they can fit and what they can’t. This way, you will know what you have to buy and not buy. Now, you might be that cool mom who buys all new school clothes. Rock on girlfriend, do your thang….. But, I have 6 kids, we have not ever bought all new school clothes. We even asked our teenagers what kind of school shoes did they want last year and they replied, we are cool with what we have! Yes, I was shocked as well. Needless to say, please go through and check and see what your inventory is looking like. If you want to share the love, get on your local facebook groups etc and let them know you have uniforms your child has outgrown, bless someone else!
  2. A week before school starts, ensure your child is back on schedule. Children thrive off of routines.
  3. Chances are, your child’s school calendar is already out. Call over about 2 homegirls who children attend the same school. Have them each bring 2 bottles of wine. Then, you guys pour a glass or two and then commence to putting all of the days off, activities into your phone…. Trust me it’s so much more fun this way!!!
  4. Before the school year starts, have a family meeting. In this meeting, discuss your expectations for the school year individually and how the group can support each other. Talk about different incentives you will get for meeting certain milestones. Make sure you post these somewhere.
    1. Ask them, how involved they would like for you to be this year. Did you over do it last year, did they want to see you more this year.
    2. How many times do they want you to come and have lunch with them.
    3. Let them know how excited you are for the school year.
  5. HAVE FUN!!!!!! There are so many empty nesters out there who have told me how they yearn for these days again, how they didn’t realize how fast the kids would grow up. How do you make it fun.
    1. Make it a celebration
    2. Create a ritual…. Do you cook a big breakfast, walk to school, shoot just ask the kids what they would like!!
    3. Give them a sticker on their hand, they can look at it all day and know you are with them every step of the way. Who cares,they are teenagers, they secretly like stuff like this!!