How to Enjoy Being a Single Mom

How to enjoy being a single mom? So many years, there has been such a negative stigma associated with being a single mom. As tradition has it, you graduate school, get married, have kids, the end.  Well lets face it, the world is changing and so are those traditions. Is it ideal that women who become pregnant marry the man they are pregnant by, I guess you can say so, but that’s not always the case. So, in the interim, how can we help women learn how to enjoy being a single mother!

For starters, this is the perfect time to spend as much time with your kids as possible. Being a mother is truly a joy. Let’s not be so focused on the fact that we are single mothers that we forget to spend quality time with our children! Take plenty of pictures and even make some really cool videos. These will be keepsakes for years to come!!!

Secondly, before I married, my friend, Cinzia and I would rotate going out.

One weekend, I would watch the kids on Friday and go out Sat, and vice versa. This was a really cool system we created, It allowed us time with the kids, but it also allowed us some much needed “me” time as well. Many times when it was my night to go out, I was sitting at home watching uninterrupted tv, reading a book etc. But, it afforded me that time to do whatever I wanted! This was really important to my peace of mind.

Do you have a few other single girlfriends? Let’s get together and create a strong sisterhood where as we can help and assist one another. We can have monthly birthday celebrations, have designated cooking days, so we all aren’t cooking every night, we can have designated pick up and drop off days. Create a collaborative culture amongst the group and let your children see firsthand how women can empower each other on a daily basis!!!

Being a mother is truly a gift, a gift we unwrap everyday. Yes, it’s hard! It’s very hard being a single mother, yet you, my dear, have what it takes to do this!!  You already do it and make it look so easy Now, we want you to do it and have a little fun with it!!!!!! Email and tell us your stories of how you enjoy being a single mom!

Being a Mom & Entrepreneur

Whether you are first a full time mother or first an entrepreneur, it may seem challenging to add one or the other to your daily load.  However, there are many benefits of being an entrepreneur and a parent simultaneously.  Being a mother full time, of course, speaks for itself, but in time you will find that being an entrepreneur is nearly as rewarding.  Nothing can top being a parent, but being your own boss and making a name for yourself is a great soul-building experience as a mother.
So, you’ve already fallen in love with a tiny person and are simultaneously working in that land of the unknown- entrepreneurship.  What do you do? The best place to start, as outlined at in a recent article is very simple. You “just start”!  That’s right.  You put your best foot forward, you dive in to your dreams head first and make the best of it.  Understand that nothing is perfect and everything takes work and dedication.  Just like being a mother takes practice and is a constant learning experience, so it is when you decide to become an entrepreneur as well. Every entrepreneur had to start somewhere. Every single one. Brick by brick, step by step. 
Finding a balance between your life as a mother and being an entrepreneur may seem daunting in its own right, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.  The feedings and diaper changes may seem relentless, as well as the tasks at hand to turn your entrepreneurship into a thriving way to generate income.  Of course, your child(ren) are your first priority and keeping them in mind when creating your golden opportunity as a successful businesswoman can keep them in mind, too. As you slowly turn your dream and vision, your child(ren) will gradually adjust to the changes as well.  Most importantly, perhaps, they will see the change in you- that spark and that drive you have. The compassion and emotion and determination.  All wonderful life tools we can give our children that they will surely carry with them for the rest of their life.
Whatever your dreams and goals may be, never let it go and keep it close at heart.  Make sure your child(ren) know they will be closest to your heart and you are pursuing your passion because you love them so much.  They will see that mom is the kind of person they wish to aspire to be like.  Don’t ever let small setbacks or little issues get in your way.  Stay focused, stay determined and above all else stay positive.  Your children will thank you someday for never giving up and showing them a great way to grow, work and live.
Keep Praying & Keep Pushing
Yolanda Coleman