Spending Time Without Spending a Dime

Maybe it’s just me but I feel that every time we do something with the kids other than breathe, it literally costs us an arm and a leg!  As we are preparing ourselves for college, savings, not to mention the costs of sports (that’s a totally different post!) we really needed to start finding things that we could do as a family but did’t put such a dent in our finances. So I begin to think how can we spend time without spending a dime? I can honestly say I have truly enjoyed doing the following things with the kids and they learned a few things along the way as well!

  1. We planted our flowers together. This was helpful because I had a little help with planting and I was able to teach my daughter about gardening in the meantime. It was so much fun. We even brought out our speaker and played music. We took turns choosing songs to play. It was really a beautiful bonding moment! Now we can watch our creation grow before our very eyes!
  2. We made videos! Now this I must say was the most fun! We downloaded the app “Musically”. We had hours upon hours upon hours of fun with this. Not to mention the memories! My grandkids will one day see what a cool grandma they have when they see the videos. It didn’t cost anything but a little time!
  3. Going outside and doing some old school games. Hop scotch, double dutch, mother may I  and simon says just to name a few. This was so much fun the kid didn’t even want to stop!
  4. Sometimes you just have to pull out a book, put your arm around your little one and read or better yet have them read to you. Kids really just want that one on one time. The more children you have the more purposeful you have to make spending one on one time with each of them. Whether they act like it or not, they want to spend time with you, they just want to know that you do to. 
  5. Washing the car, now see this worked two fold. We didn’t have to pay anyone for washing the car and then we were able to have some really cool bonding time. My son swore he knew how to wash a car. I tried to explain to him how to wash. He still would not listen. He came out with a scrub brush and a brillo pad. Now you know kids these days, for some reasons parents don’t always know best (to be honest in this case I really didn’t) I have honestly never washed a car before, but from the movies it looked fun so I figured why not. So we went inside watched a youtube video. The first thing the video said was do not use scrub brushes. After watching the video, we gathered our supplies and we let the memories begin!
  6. Cooking! I have totally overlooked this one for so long. So many times I was looking at cooking as a chore and not something that me and my children could do together. Also how else are they going to learn how to cook unless I teach them. This was very rewarding and it also gave me some much needed help in the kitchen!!                                                                         









Now we are on a quest to save money and spend time so I will have more articles coming on how to spend time without spending a dime.  This has truly been fun to do. Please send me pictures of activities you create with your kiddos!


  • Megan (August 2, 2016)

    It’s so important to find ways to really connect with our kids without having to blow precious resources to make it happen. We love boardgames and spontaneous dance parties. Love the idea of making videos together – I’m pretty camera shy so getting out from behind the camera is something I definitely should do with my kids more!


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