Why is my sex life soooooo boring. Why does it seem like the same position same moves, same things being said during sex, same songs even on he dang on radio! If you want to have an exciting sex lie you have to spruce it up. Come on, we have all heard. “If you do the same thing you get the same result”. Same goes for sex. So my dear Queen, the next time it’s time to make your King happy do so differently.  Vow this week to have sex in a different place. If a different place is not an issue vow to add something different during your sexscapade!

Yes girlfriend, I know your are tired but that’s why if we have sex on our own time and our own accord we don’t have to worry about him catching us at the time we are trying to lay down for a long winters nap and get that all too familiar tap on the shoulder. So my dear, you dictate what day and where you are going to have sex. Here is what I am going to do: (thankfully we have a lock on our laundry room door) I am going to text my husband on my non-workout day to meet me in the laundry room at 8:30 it’s going down! I would usually use this as an excuse to get him in there to help me with all the laundry but this time I am going to surprise him and make it worth his while!!

Now my fellow Queens what are you going to do this week to set


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