Quick and Easy Bedroom Makeover

Quick and Easy Bedroom Makeover

Are you looking for a creative, quick, inexpensive and easy way to makeover your bedroom? Then look no further! Your bedroom is a place you spend more time than you do any other place! Your bedroom is to be a place of refuge, a place of peace and quiet. Now I totally understand if you have kids then peace and quiet is the last thing you get in your bedroom but hey at least we can try! So here is a quick and easy guide to help give you a quick and easy bedroom makeover.

16 to 20 Pallets, white Christmas lights, 2 twin mattress, and a piece of 18 ft. sheer fabric (this is optional of course)

  1. You will need to find about 16 to 20 pallets. You can do this by visiting recycling.about.com. This was by far the hardest part of the entire project, finding the pallets and then getting them delivered. Also it is good to know that they are very ,very, very heavy so please enlist some help with this especially if you have to go up some stairs.
  2. Buy two bottles and wine and call your girlfriends over. (ok so you can skip this step but I love to include my home girls with everything I do. It just makes things so much for fun!
  3. Place the pallets in on the floor make sure to at least place two pallets on top of each other. One pallet will be too thin and may not hold up your weight.
  4. Once you place the pallets on the floor (please see photo as to how we position them) It’s basically trial and error.
  5. Place the twin mattress on top of the pallets (now you have an Ultra King size bed) How quick and easy was that?
  6. Place the lights at the end of the pallets. You can also use the pallet that are left out on the end as a small bench.
  7. We placed hooks on the wall, wrapped the lights and shear material around the hooks to give it more of a headboard look, but again that is really optional.

Now you can sit back and relax and enjoy your new quick and easy bedroom makeover!



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