Fitness and being a mommy- kinda goes hand in hand huh? LOL Yeah right! I think the biggest problem is that moms just don’t have enough time! We make time for EVERYONE else: our kids, our spouses and our bosses! So where is the time for us? Let alone, the time to go workout? But look at Halle Berry- she has some kids, she has job.. she HAD a spouse lol. BUT she also a trainer and probably a nanny! I on the other am my own personal trainer and a nanny!! So what’s a fantabulous mom like us supposed to do? Here is the first thing- let yourself know it’s ok that you are not in the gym everyday! BUT also tell yourself- I MUST do something! ok so now we have that out of the way- let’s get down to business!

  1. We all have the same hours in a day we can’t make any extra hours- if you can PLEASE tell me how! So let’s take a look at our day how can we incorporate SOME form of physical activity? When you park your car at work, take the stairs up to the lobby not the elevator!
  2. What about at home? Think you need to head out to the gym? Think again! there are plenty of great phone apps that allows you to actually work out daily at home!
  3. On the weekends check to see if your area has a nature trail that you and the family can head to!

As long as you are doing SOMETHING that is much better than nothing! We need to come out of thinking- in order for me to be physically fit I have to go to the gym!  Let’s get creative and get healthy at the same time!


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