Honey, honey, honey if you are in the dating game now……do you know that your married friends secretly envy you? We envy the fact that you can go home and make snow angels in your bed! We envy the fact that you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to. Yes honey, while you are looking at your married friends like dang, I am ready to get married. Please, for all of your Queens that have found our Kings we tel you; girlfriend enjoy your freedom! Don’t sit around being sad because you are in the dating game, sit back and have fun as you wait for your knight in shining armor.

Now remember this fair lady, you can’t find a King or a Prince for that matter if you are looking like a pauper. Please stay in touch with our style blog so you can be sure to always bring your A game. You never know when you may meet your King so make sure you are ready to receive him!


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