10 Things to Do to Keep the Spark

10 Things to Do to Keep the Spark:Remember when you first met and all you did was think of each other. The conversation could last for hours. Whenever you saw his name pop up on  your phone, you got butterflies in your stomach. Remember that… What happened to those times…. Life.. That is what happened…. So let’s bring back the spark!

  1. Do you have pictures around your house of the good times? It’s important that you place these pictures around the house so that when you get into those little spats, you can always look at  these for references.
  2. When is the last time you have sent him a sexy note, a sexy picture? Ok let’s make sure you do that today. If you are big at scheduling things, then put that in your phone… Aug 2 2016 2:30 pm. Send sexy picture to my boo.. whatever works for you just make sure you are making him feel special.
  3. Role play…. You can role play many different things, but one sure fire way to to get the party started is to role play when you first began dating. Go back to the place you met and recreate that moment. If all else fails, role play something else that is sexy and fun!
  4. Do something different! Are you always simply going out to dinner and to a movie? After about 200 times, that can be a bit boring. How about some salsa dancing classes, make out in the car before you go in for the evening, be creative! Put some fun suggestions in a jar and just grab one and go!
  5. Do you go to bed at the same time? Most couples spend the last hours of the day catching up on work in the bed or on their computers, purposely spend that last hour with your boo, no phones, no computer. Just the two of you. This did wonders for Deke and myself. I found myself in the middle of the day looking forward to 9:30 so I could get in the bed and snuggle up with my man. It was hard at first because I created such a bad habit of doing other things before bed that when it was time to hit the sack, he was already asleep. Not anymore! My man is my priority and everything else can wait!
  6. Kiss, Kiss and more kisses. We kiss throughout the day. In the morning, he will not leave until he kisses me, we kiss before we go to bed. We don’t just do the peck kissing either. We do that movie type kissing!! Makes my toes curl just typing this!!!
  7. Ask him… Have a conversation about what he wants.


Wow, it seems just like yesterday, we said I do. Now, July 15, 2016 will
mark 10 years that I have been blessed with a wonderful husband. Going
back to the beginning, I wished I could say I would not do anything
different, but in fact I would do a lot different. What would I go back
and tell myself, if I could go back and talk to myself on my wedding
day or a few days after, let’s be real nobody wanted to hear anything
on their wedding day but I do. But, here is what I would tell myself:

1. Celebrate every anniversary. Don’t take them for granted. With the
divorce rate so high and the influx of social media. It’s a great
accomplishment when you reach every year. Celebrate like you have
never celebrated before.

2. Kiss often. This is one of the most overlooked things that can
truly keep you connected and keep the passion gates flowing!!!!!!!
Make sure you brush your teeth before you get to bed.

3. Make him and keep him a priority.  Of all the women in the world, he
chose you. Let’s not overlook like ( please know we are very clear, he
got a GEM in you. So many times with kids, work, kids, did I say kids.
Yes, those minions. it can make it easy to put him to the back burner
but try to keep him a priority ( or at least make him feel like he is)

4. Don’t just say I love you, show him!

5. Put time and energy into him as your would your children’s
birthday party etc. He deserves to feel special too.

Marriage is a lot of work, but we have dreamed of being a wife and
getting married since we were little girls, now let’s continue to make
our King feel like a King. We don’t want him beheading his Queen and
finding another one, do we. Side note, I told my husband if anything
every happened to me and he remarried. I would come down from heaven
and pee in his ear.


Why is my sex life soooooo boring. Why does it seem like the same position same moves, same things being said during sex, same songs even on he dang on radio! If you want to have an exciting sex lie you have to spruce it up. Come on, we have all heard. “If you do the same thing you get the same result”. Same goes for sex. So my dear Queen, the next time it’s time to make your King happy do so differently.  Vow this week to have sex in a different place. If a different place is not an issue vow to add something different during your sexscapade!

Yes girlfriend, I know your are tired but that’s why if we have sex on our own time and our own accord we don’t have to worry about him catching us at the time we are trying to lay down for a long winters nap and get that all too familiar tap on the shoulder. So my dear, you dictate what day and where you are going to have sex. Here is what I am going to do: (thankfully we have a lock on our laundry room door) I am going to text my husband on my non-workout day to meet me in the laundry room at 8:30 it’s going down! I would usually use this as an excuse to get him in there to help me with all the laundry but this time I am going to surprise him and make it worth his while!!

Now my fellow Queens what are you going to do this week to set


Honey, honey, honey if you are in the dating game now……do you know that your married friends secretly envy you? We envy the fact that you can go home and make snow angels in your bed! We envy the fact that you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to. Yes honey, while you are looking at your married friends like dang, I am ready to get married. Please, for all of your Queens that have found our Kings we tel you; girlfriend enjoy your freedom! Don’t sit around being sad because you are in the dating game, sit back and have fun as you wait for your knight in shining armor.

Now remember this fair lady, you can’t find a King or a Prince for that matter if you are looking like a pauper. Please stay in touch with our style blog so you can be sure to always bring your A game. You never know when you may meet your King so make sure you are ready to receive him!